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Company Overview :

Elite Properties is a property investment consultancy firm that prides itself in delivering professional real estate services from buying and selling properties to property management.
We have an experienced team of highly skilled specialists dedicated to share their extensive knowledge in the real estate industry with you.
We can help you acquire real estate investments that best suit your needs in the safest and most efficient way possible.
With a progressive real estate market, Elite Properties operates with a vast network of agents, developers, and investors allowing our Elite Team to work and share current real estate trends and advice with you for your present and future planned investments.

Mission statement :

Our mission is to provide consistent optimum result-oriented services by :

- Valuing our clients as business partners and shareholders in our company.
- Solving each and every particular assignment with the best skilled professionals.
- Collaborating across networks of markets, industries and services.
- Capitalizing on technology and networks to access a wide array of information for better judgment and informed decision making.

Vision statement :

Our vision is to build an environment where everyone can work together to build communities that are well-designed, functional, sustainable and accommodates better & improved lifestyles.

Elite Team

Elite Investment Specialists / Strategists :

They advise and guide our clients in acquiring off-plan real estate investments.
They are the most knowledgeable with regards to investment type & timing, upcoming developments, market trends & changes, property portfolio planning.
With their experience, they will make your investment acquisitions as safe and efficient as they can possibly be.

Elite Property Consultants :

They help our clients with acquiring completed and ready to move-in real estate investments & also assist in liquidating or turning over their real estate investments.
They possess the information with regards to current market prices (selling and rental prices) in all locations in Pattaya.
They are professionals equipped with the right skill set when it comes to property portfolio management.
They keep our clients updated with the best real estate deals and help them acquire real estate investments that will yield them excellent ROI.
They specialize with maintaining our clients’ property portfolio to make sure their properties are always in demand and are seen by investors all over the world.

Elite Property Managers :

They assure our clients’ properties are well-maintained and are generating the optimum yield based on our current market studies.
They develop new marketing platforms & strategies that attract short term, long term and corporate rental clients to ensure your property is working to reach its optimum ROI.
They also manage a maintenance team to ensure that if something needs fixing or repairs, and our rental clients and rental investors will not be put into any inconvenience.

Elite Designers :

They focus on building value & quality for our clients’ property.
They are specialists when it comes to fitting, furnishing and staging your property so that it will have an appeal that is second to none.
Your property will be properly represented and promoted to our international network of agents making it reach millions of potential clients.



  • Property Consultancy
  • Property Management
  • Property Portfolio Management


  • Short-term & Long-term Rental Management
  • Corporate Rental Management
  • Property Repairs & Maintenance


  • Property Valuation
  • Home Improvements & Refurbishing
  • Furnishing & Staging


  • Investment Consultancy
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Portfolio Management

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